1/Google teamviewer.com

Or click here

2/ Click on "Download Free for Private Use" (see screen shot below)
3/ Save to desktop (Windows XP) or Download Folder (Vista/Windows 7)
4/ Run and Run

Team Viewer
TeamViewer 8 Setup (see screen shot below)
1/Click on "Install to Control this Computer Later From Remote" (see screen shot below)
2/Click on "Personal/non-commercial use" (see screen shot below)
3/Click on "Accept - Finish"
Team Viewer
Close "checkout what's Possible" in new window
"Setup Unattedded Access" click on Cancel (see screen shot below)
team viewer


Contact Stephen on 063 98926
Read out ID Number and Password


I have recently retired from computer repairs on site but some help may be given to you using

Team Viewer Remote Control

A good broadband connection is required

Click here for instructions how to download and install free Team Viewer

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